Liger x lab

Liger store is one of the coolest contemporary fashion stores started by Hilary Tsui and Dorothy Hui, both style icons and fashionista’s of Hong Kong, they joined forces a few years ago and now currently run their 2 locations of their boutique select store Liger Store

Lab by Lane Crawford is this new concept by Lane Crawford focused on Contemporary Fashion labels, edgier brands that the new generation are into, and I think its quite smart for Lane Crawford to see this growing demand of people that are looking to find clothes in this area.

And this time the two stores are doing a shop in shop exchange where Liger will be having a Pop up store in the IFC store of Lane Crawford, and special selection for this exchange.

We are exciting to collaborate with local illustrator Telephone Fung to design and illustrate for the pop up store decoration this time! Telephone Fung is known as one of the coolest illustrator in the area of pop culture and young generation.

Liger x Lab party recap